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André Croteau was a soldier in service of the King of France. He married Marguerite Métayer in Veules-les-Roses France in 1647. Vincent was one of their sons.

Vincent Croteau came to America (Quebec) around June 1665. He worked as a shoemaker and a farmer. He married Jeanne Godequin, Fille de Roi, on September 22, 1669. They had ten children; Jeanne, Louis, Laurent, Nicolas, Jean, Charles, Marie-Anne, Jacques, Pierre and Marie-Louise. Louis was their second child.

Louis Croteau was a farmer. He was baptised November 28, 1672 at Cap-Rouge, Quebec. Louis had 2 wives. He married his first wife Marie-Louise Bordeleau in Quebec on November 22, 1695. They had eight children; Louis , Marie-Louise, Pierre, Bernard, Angélique, Marie, Pierre-Noël and Marie-Anne. Louis was their first born.

Louis Croteau. was a farmer like his father. He was baptised Nov. 2, 1696 in Point-aux-Trembles. He married Marie Catherine Baron August 4, 1728 in St.-Nicolas. They had nine children; Marie-Catherine, Louis , Jean, Charles-Augustin, Marie-Thérèse, Marie-Catherine-Louise, Pierre, Marie-Félicité, and Marie-Judith. Louis was the second of their nine children.

Louis Croteau was baptised April 14, 1733 in St.-Antoine-de-Tilly. He married Madeline Démers on January 4, 1769 in St.-Nicolas. They had seven children; Charlotte, Judith, Louis, Marie, Joseph-Toussaint , Madeline and Pierre. Joseph-Toussaint was one of their seven (or eight) children.

Note, there is some confusion as to whether Joseph-Toussaint is Joseph-Toussaint or if Louis had two sons Joseph and Toussaint. In the book there is a Toussaint Croteau (5) and a Joseph-Toussaint (5) both shown to marry Madeline Démers on the same day.

Joseph-Toussaint Croteau was a professor. He was baptised November 2, 1788 in St.-Nicolas. He married Madeline LaFrance Dubois July 23, 1810 in St.-Nicolas. They had fourteen children, Toussaint, Esther, Léà, Sophie, Constance, Quentin, François-Xavier, Émilie, Narcisse, Jude, Marie-Louise, Adélaïde, Joséphine and Marie-Esther. Toussaint was the tenth of their fourteen children.

Toussaint Croteau was baptised April 10, 1821 in St.-Nicolas. Toussaint was married four times. He married his first wife, Marie Bélanger on February 2, 1845 in St.-Nicolas. They had seven children; Jean Baptiste, Joseph, Louis, Michel, François-Xavier, Marie and Béatrice. Jean Baptiste was the first of their seven children.

Jean "John" Baptiste Croteau was baptised December 14, 1845 in Black River, Canada. He married Délima Desanges Noél on February 12, 1867 in Island Point, Vermont. They had seven children; Joseph G., James D., John Henry, Alvina, John-Edward, Jennie, and Charles W. John Henry was the third of their seven children.

John Henry Croteau was born Aug. 10, 1872 in Stark New Hampshire. He married Anne Bussière. They had five children; Frank, Laurence, Mallory, Alvina and John Asa Carlton.

John Asa Carlton Croteau Sr. was born June 16, 1898. He married Mary Alice Currier. They had five children; John Asa Carlton Jr., Francis Reginald, Phyllis, Ronald and Jacqueline.


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